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Visit to the facility for measurements

Measurements are an important stage, upon which the results of the upcoming work depend. To avoid unpleasant surprises, our specialist visits your site. They assess the condition of the building and its features, identify “weaknesses”, take measurements required for the preparation of the project. No additional actions are required from you: just agree on the time of the visit, and our employee will arrive at the appointed time with all the necessary tools and equipment.

The specialist will get acquainted with your wishes in the process of measurements. Tell him your plans for the decoration of the facade, the preferable decorating concept seems. The specialist will compare your requirements with the characteristics of a particular facility, and, if necessary, will give valuable recommendations.

Calculation of the project cost

We have been designing facades for many years and know the exact nuances that need to be taken into account when calculating the volume of materials: the way they behave during installation and operation. There is always a risk of making a mistake in the selection of decor and accompanying paintwork materials without an estimate, both downwards and upwards. To prevent this from happening, we calculate the amount of required materials and the volume of the upcoming works after taking measurements. This is an important step that must not be omitted: professionals do not work “by sight”. We carry out calculations before the works commence: you can calculate in advance the cost-effectiveness of the option proposed.

Custom decor

We are engaged in the production of interior and facade stucco decoration for individual projects. We produce products from polyester-styrene foam with a density of 25 kg/m3 coated with a PS-TechnoPlaster elastic filler. It is appreciated for its high density and excellent performance: the material can be used both for exterior decoration of buildings and for interior decoration.

LEPNINAPLAST provides turnkey solutions and is constantly striving to improve its products. We do not just make stucco decoration, we also know for sure how it behaves in practice under various conditions. This ensures that we always offer our customers durable stucco moldings of high quality.

Designer supervision

The design project is created by a designer, and implemented by the production workers. It is important that they meet the conditions specified in the project, otherwise the result may be unexpected. Control over the fulfillment of the project conditions is called designer supervision.

Our employee will control the visual and technical compliance of the works with the previously created drawings and estimates. They will take over the communication with the team, save your time, especially when it comes to the construction of complex structures. Designer supervision will reduce the cost of works: this service will ensure that you do not have to pay for changeovers.

Turnkey installation works

Installation is the most important part of facade and interior decoration. The way your house will look depends on the quality of its implementation. Installation errors affect both the attractiveness of the finished result and its durability.

LEPNINAPLAST has been installing interior and facade stucco decorations since 2004. Our employees are well versed in the features of the materials, existing technologies and tools used. There are no random people in our company: everyone has an extensive experience and high qualifications. This means that the installation works will be carried out efficiently and on time.

Installation supervision

Installation supervision is a service that implies full control over the quality of works by a specialist. It is necessary if you hire third-party contractors to implement our project. This specialist will make sure that the workers have a sufficient level of qualifications, and the result meets your expectations.

LEPNINAPLAST employs real experts in facade and interior decor. We make polyester-styrene foam stucco moldings ourselves, and we know how important its correct installation is. Installation supervision service will help to avoid annoying mistakes and overspending of materials.

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