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Elastic filler

New generation material for strengthening and decorating architectural elements made of expanded polystyrene

The elastic PS-TechnoPlaster filler imitates the texture of natural stone. It can be used to reinforce decorative polyester-styrene foam elements. The filler is compatible with acrylic and silicone-based paints and varnishes, any water-borne facade paints.

Suitable works

The PS-TechnoPlaster filler is designed to increase the strength of polyester-styrene foam and prepare it for further painting. It forms an elastic coating resistant to physical deformation. After the filler is applied, polyester-styrene foam products retain their elasticity.

The scope of application of PS-TechnoPlaster filler is rather wide. It is used for the following purposes:

  • strengthening of interior and facade polystyrene decor;

  • finishing coating of external thermal insulation materials.

PS-TechnoPlaster does not crack. This allows its use on the decorative polystyrene elements even on curved surfaces. The coating tolerates building shrinkage well, retaining elasticity throughout its entire service life.

Advantages of the PS-TechnoPlaster filler

PS-TechnoPlaster is produced in Turkey by Bina Yapi, the largest local manufacturer of facade materials. The scale of production and 16 years of experience made the internationally known. Today, Bina Yapi facade materials are recommended by many Russian experts in the field of construction.

Elastic PS-TechnoPlaster filler is:

  •  fire resistant;

  • frost-resistant;

  • waterproof;

  • durable – serves for at least 40-50 years.

Filler’s performance characteristics allow it to be used even in complex climatic conditions. It is not affected by frost, rain, snow or heat, is suitable as a finishing layer for external thermal insulation of facades. PS-TechnoPlaster does not crack even after several years of use.

The filler can also be used for interior decoration. It has soundproofing and heat-insulating properties. Thus, you will not only achieve the desired decorative effect, but will also increase the comfort of your living space.

The filler strengthens polyester-styrene foam products intended for interior and facade decoration, eliminating the need to use a reinforcing mesh. This significantly expands the possibilities of building decorating. In addition, it can be beautifully painted, allowing to select any desired color for the facade.

Features of use

PS-TechnoPlaster filler is a medium-grained, chemically stable material. It is of a neutral light beige or white shade. The coating lends itself well to painting, does not come through layers of paint, compatible with various types of paints and varnishes, except for those acetone-containing.

The filler is packaged in plastic buckets of 1.5 kg, 5 kg and 15 kg, as well as in 90 kg euro barrels. It is applied on a previously prepared surface in one layer. Two methods of application are allowed:

  • industrial mechanized method –using a broaching machine;

  • manual method — with a coating pistol or metal smooth grater.

Approximately 3.5-5 kg of material is used for 1 m2 of area. Usage depends on the type of substrate used, relief, method of application. Despite frost-resistant property of the material, it is advisable to carry out work at positive temperatures – not lower than +5 degrees.

After drying, the filler forms an elastic, durable and dense coating with an original texture. Setting takes about 2.5 hours, complete hardening – 2-3 days.

Why you should buy fillers from LEPNINAPLAST

Our company has been working with facade and interior decor since 2004. We know firsthand how the materials listed in the catalogue behave. If necessary, we will help you carry out calculations, select the optimal composition, and understand the application nuances. We provide project design services at affordable prices.

LEPNINAPLAST operates under wholesale and retail models. We provide our regular customers with additional discounts, delivery and free consultations. Contact us!

Elastic filler

Ps-technoplaster plastic bucket CMC 1.5 СМС 1,5
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Ps-technoplaster plastic bucket CMC 5 СМС 5
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Ps-technoplaster plastic bucket CMC 15
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