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| 02.08.2021

We have been working with LepninaPlast for the 5th year already, and our clients are very satisfied. They turn to our construction company for the construction of country cottages. We have different projects, and in many of them we use LepninaPlast products. Styrofoam molding is a real find for us. Lightweight, does notit require additional reinforcement, unlike stone. Inexpensive, it allows you to build houses of no less quality and beauty, but it’s cheaper. Looks great - it exactly repeats the color and texture of the stone.

LepninaPlast offer more than 250 types of products: cornices, moldings, columns, window sills and other facade elements. We don’t only use them for decoration, but also to give a certain style to the project.

There have never been any complaints about their diligence or professionalism. Managers will always advise the best option, the production is organized with maximum efficiency. The guys do not fail in terms of time or quality, and we, in turn, regularly fulfill our obligations to our clients. We will continue to cooperate with LepninaPlast, and we recommend the company to all our colleagues!

| 09.09.2021

A few months ago, my construction company began to cooperate with the manufacturer of foam moldings for facades LEPNINAPLAST. I would like to share my feedback and wishes for their further work.

We have already completed more than one joint project of country houses construction. Our clients often order cornices, moldings and window sills - there are more than 250 items in Lepninaplast catalogue - plenty to choose from. And everyone was pleased with the result, because the stucco molding, in fact, is, in fact, an exact analogue of stone.

I’d like to note that LEPNINAPLAST employees are responsible about meeting deadlines. There are no problems with the availability of products, as they have their own production. They never refuse to consult, ready to demonstrate what materials they work with. At first, I watched how the installation was performed: they cleaned, dried and leveled the surface. The elements of the facade are carefully fastened and then the paint colour is selected. Now I fully trust them, I know they value their reputation and do not make mistakes.

The only thing I would like to wish them is to improve the work with the managerial staff, because when the employee in charge left the job, a new manager did not have any information on the situation.

| 07.09.2021

In one of the recent projects –the construction of a countryside house, he worked with stucco moldings by Lepninaplast. I want to share my experience, because I have never dealt with such materials before. The foam is sooo light, so we didn't have to additionally reinforce the structures, which saved both our time and the client's money. It is relatively easy to install, although it requires careful preparation, fitting and fastening. It is easy to work with materials: a glue, putty, primer, and paint. This is what European quality means! The materials fit evenly, and are quickly fixed. Therefore, the result obtained is beyond all expectations. You will never understand that a stone molding is not made of stone at all, but is a foam. Visually, there are absolutely no differences, the difference is only in the price.

| 05.08.2021

I would like to share my experience of cooperation with LepninaPlast company. I ordered the stucco molding as I was preparing the house for sale. It is clear that stone finishing would cost a pretty penny. And I had to, so to speak, patch up the holes and make a "pretty picture" on the whole. I also liked that the material is very light, which means there will be no additional load on the supporting structures. Well, it looks worthy!

The price is reasonable, it suits me. The choice is vast, you can find facade decorations to suit any taste. I was a bit concerned why I was not called back immediately after leaving my request. I could not imagine they had a stream of customers there, so I thought I would receive a return call in 15 minutes. Okay, I blamed it on the human factor, especially since the manager called back during the day and immediately apologized for the delay.

Then everything runs in a standard way. I chose a stucco molding resembling stone, the manager calculated the quantity and cost. I must pay tribute, there were no delays with the installation. Everything was done on time under the contract. I did not follow the process, but the result was pleasing.

I recommend this company, I have not found any flaws in the work. Decent price-quality ratio.

| 15.07.2021

I would like to thank the LEPNINAPLAST staff for helping me prepare a surprise for my parents. While they were resting at the sea, I thought of a gift for their anniversary - the renovation of the country house. We coped with the internal works on our own, but decided to have the professional assistance with the facade. We started to look for relevant companies and were pleasantly surprised by the cost of finishing. LEPNINAPLAST has its own production of foam facade elements, the material itself is inexpensive, therefore the price is affordable. I consider it to be an advantage that the facade is made of foam. The old house could not withstand the weight of stone or metal, whilst LEPNINAPLAST products look no worse. There are more than 200 items of choice there - you can get confused, but the managers will help you figure it out!

I would like to emphasize the responsibility and efficiency of the managers. It was on the eve of May holidays, but they met my expectations and completed the work by the required date. They explained everything in detail: what materials they use, how assemble and mount the moulding, what kind of glue and paint they use. I was, of course, impressed that all the materials are of European quality with protection from sun, rain and snow.

I don’t know how they did it, but the cornices, moldings and other beautiful things were installed on the facade in record time. Of course, I don't really understand anything about construction work, but it is clear that the workers are perfect masters, they know exactly what to do and in what sequence. All of them are polite and friendly. And the parents were just delighted with the new decor, they were sure it was made of stone. Because the truth is, you can’t tell the difference, even if you are being most fastidious.

In general, I liked everything: from the service to the result. I definitely give the highest score!

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