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Pros and cons of facade decor made from polyester-styrene foam with a PS-TechnoPlaster coating (Turkey)

Facade decor made from polyester-styrene foam has emerged relatively recently, but has already become popular among owners of residential and non-residential buildings. Modern technologies allow make it possible to achieve an attractive look, almost indistinguishable from plaster stucco molding. At the same time, this material has both pros and cons, which are important to consider when ordering.


Facade decor made from polyester-styrene foam with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster coating is durable. With proper installation, it can serve for 40-50 years. Throughout this period, the facade decor will remain practically unchanged: it is not prone to cracking or discoloration.

To increase the service life, architectural elements made from polyester-styrene foam are covered with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster filler made in Turkey. This protective coating allows using the facade decor elements throughout the entire life of the building itself.

Economic attractiveness

Facade décor elements made from polyester-styrene foam with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster coating is one of the most efficient materials. This is the most cost-effective material in terms of price-quality ratio. So, if your budget is limited, but you still need to decorate the facade of your building, choose polystyrene stucco molding.

For the manufacture of facade decor, high-density facade polyester-styrene foam is used, covered with a protective layer of an acrylic PS-TechnoPlaster filler (Turkey). Its surface is smooth and even, resembling the surface of a stone or gypsum.

Strength and durability

Facade decor made from polyester-styrene foam with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster coating is not affected by:

At the same time, PS-TechnoPlaster polystyrene foam with an elastic coating is quite durable: this material can only be damaged under serious mechanical stress. After installation, however, the risk of damage is minimal. The main difficulty is to mount the facade decor element on the building correctly and efficiently.

LEPNINAPLAST delivers polyester-styrene foam stucco moldings with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster coating in company’s boxes, eliminating risk of damage during transportation. We deliver and install facade décor throughout the capital and the Moscow region, controlling the quality of works. Products are delivered to the regions by transport companies.


Polyester-styrene foam is a lightweight material, especially when compared to gypsum and natural stone. This greatly simplifies its installation. There is no need to erect an additional mesh or use bulky equipment to mount the facade decor: even a beginner can handle it.

The lightness of the material determines its versatility. It applies almost no load on the load-bearing parts of the structure, and therefore can be used to decorate various residential and non-residential buildings.

Variety of shapes

Facade decor made from polyester-styrene foam with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster coating comes in different shapes, sizes and purposes. The following elements are very popular:

In production, the future facade decor is cut from a semi-finished product, then an elastic protective PS-TechnoPlaster coating is applied and dried at a strictly defined temperature regime.

Safety for humans and the environment

One of the main complaints to the styrofoam facade decor is that it is not environmentally friendly. Indeed, the production of foamed plastics is not carbon neutral. But at the stage of operation, polyester-styrene foam does not harm either humans or the environment.


Facade stucco molding made from polyester-styrene foam with an elastic PS-TechnoPlaster coating (Turkey) does not need regular maintenance. Decor with a protective PS-TechnoPlaster coating is not demanding in terms of operating conditions. To maintain its appearance, you do not need any special efforts or technical means.

The protective coating is water and dirt repellent. This means that there are practically no traces of contamination on the surface of the facade stucco molding. Regular wet cleaning to keep the decor attractive is enough.