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Advantages of facade decor made from polyester-styrene foam with a protective elastic coating

Styrofoam stucco decorations occupy a leading position in the list of the most popular decorative architectural elements. Modern materials make it possible to transform a building at any stage of construction, including several years thereafter. They are not only attractive in appearance, but also undemanding to operating conditions.

Facade stucco moldings made of polystyrene foam with a protective coating have many advantages. Let's learn the main ones.

Looks beautiful in different styles

Modern materials allow for creating architectural elements with a high degree of detail. Stucco moldings made from polyester-styrene foam can have many small details, openwork and embossed patterns, complex ornaments. Depending on the manufacturing technology, it can look attractive and expensive for many years.

Foam moldings are widely used in different styles:

The architectural elements made from polyester-styrene foam give the facade austerity, zone it, and set the ornament rhythm. More complex and fanciful details emphasize the high status of the house owner, their artistic taste. With individual production of stucco decoration, any design can be implemented using the modern materials.

Indistinguishable from natural stone

Facade polyester-styrene foam is different from regular foam. It has a fine-grained structure, so its granules are almost invisible. Even at the production stage, a protective layer is applied to the surface of the material in shop conditions: it improves the performance properties of polyester-styrene foam and its decorative qualities.

With proper processing, stucco molding made from polyester-styrene foam with a protective coating is even and smooth to the touch. It is almost indistinguishable from architectural elements made of natural stone, although it weighs and costs much less.

Takes different shapes and sizes

A variety of molded products and elements can be made from polyester-styrene foam:

To figure out the amount and sizes of elements required, you should consult with specialists. They will help you to make the necessary calculations, determine the rhythm of the ornament, the ratio of parts, and also take on any tasks, from project development to installation.

The production time for a custom order is short: the facade stucco molding made from polyester-styrene foam is cut from finished blocks, and then covered with a special protective coating. This way, architectural elements of the desired shapes and sizes are quickly produced.

Protects against heat loss

Facade stucco molding made from polyester-styrene foam is used not only to decorate the building, but also to increase its energy efficiency. High density (25 kg/m3) polyester-styrene foam is used for its production. This ensures the increased thermal insulation coefficient of the building.

Of course, one should not expect serious protection from the cold when using a couple of decorative elements on the building facade. However, quantity is not only thing that is important, there is also the location. Facade stucco molding can be installed in such a way that it prevents the formation of cracks, cold bridges and other sources of heat loss.

Does not load walls and foundations

Facade stucco molding can increase the load on the foundation – especially if it is made of heavy materials: natural or artificial stone, concrete, polymer concrete. With polyester-styrene foam, everything is different. It weighs almost nothing, thus, it does not create additional load.

It is possible to mount stucco decor made from polyester-styrene foam on different types of walls. These materials are less demanding in terms of the mechanical strength of the base. Even if the facade was painted several years ago, and then you decided to decorate the house with stucco molding, it can be done. Installation of polyester-styrene foam stucco molding is not a painstaking process. Some architectural elements can be mounted on your own by performing preliminary calculations.

Bends at different angles

Stucco molding made from polyester-styrene foam with an elastic protective coating has a good bending ability. The flexibility of the material allows it to be used to decorate different parts of the building, including complex and curved architectural elements. Stucco molding can even be applied to curved walls.

The curvilinearity of the surface can be easily taken into account at the production stage. Accurate calculations will help to avoid increased stress on stucco elements and reduce the risk of damage during installation.

Costs less than other types of stucco

Facade stucco molding made from polyester-styrene foam with a protective coating is one of the most economical options for facade finishing, and no one will guess the material after installation. With the help of expressive stucco molds, it is easy to transform the appearance of the building beyond recognition. Stucco molding made polyester-styrene foam with an elastic coating changes the facade of the house without the need to conduct major repairs.

Affordability of architectural elements made from polyester-styrene foam is also evident at the installation stage. Installation of such a stucco decoration is associated with low labor costs and takes less time than natural stone or polymer concrete. You need not to erect a special mesh or plaster the walls for installation. This way, you can renovate the building in record time and at an affordable price. You don't have to wait long and overspend.

Suitable for all climatic conditions

The performance characteristics of polyester-styrene foam stucco decorations depend on the manufacturing technology. The LEPNINAPLAST company produces facade stucco molding from polyester-styrene foam with a density of 25 kg/m3, and a high-tech coating of elastic PS-TechnoPlaster filler, which is patented and produced in Turkey. Strict quality control in combination with the latest foreign production equipment, allows us to produce finished products that can withstand various environmental conditions.

Facade moldings made from polyester-styrene foam with a PS-TechnoPlaster coating can be used in various climatic conditions. They are not affected by ultraviolet radiation, strong winds, sudden temperature changes. The stucco molding remains the same as on the day of purchase for a long time, and does not require complex maintenance.